"The Black Shinobi" TJ Black

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"The Black Shinobi" TJ Black

Post by Taven on Mon Aug 24, 2015 9:53 pm

TJ Black

"Wrestling's Greatest Otaku"
"The Black Shinobi"



Chicago, IL

[Titles and Accomplishments]

Hardcore Backyard/Battleground Wrestling
X-Division Champion (5 times, Longest Reign, First, Last)
Executioner’s Champion (2 times, last)
Dimensional Champion (2 times)
Tag Team Champion (4 times)
Hall of Fame 2014

World Wrestling Revolution
Tag Team Champion (2 times)
Intercontinental Champion (2 times)
Xternal Champion (1 time)
World Champion (1 time)

Anarchy Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Champion (4 times)
Television Champion (2 times)
Hardcore Champion (3 times)
World Champion (1 time)

Chicago Heights/Chaotic Horizons Wrestling
Jr Heavyweight Champion (2 times, last)
Tag Team Champion (3 times)
Hardcore Champion (2 times)
World Champion (1 time, last)
King of Chaos 2012

Facebook Championship Wrestling
High Stakes Champion (1 time, last)
World Champion (1 time, last)

Generational Wrestling Association
Tag Team Champion (1 time, last)
New Generation Champion (1 time, last)

Big Time Wrestling
Television Champion (1 time)
Internet Champion (1 time)
World Champion (1 time)

Extreme Wrestling Circuit
EWC/GGW Dynamite Champion (1 time, first)
HoPW Deathmatch Champion (1 time, last)
EWC 7 Continets Champion (1 time, last)
EWC All-American Champion (1 time, first, last)
EWC World Heavyweight Champion (1 time)
CRW United States Champion (1 time, last)
EWC Unites States Champion (1 time, first)
EWC Dynamic Duo Tag Team Champion (1 time, current)
EWC Golden Dreams (2015)
EWC Triple Crown (1 time)
EWC Grand Slam (1 time, first)

Ultimate Rampage Wrestling
Locked Terror Champion (1 time, last)

Juggalo Championship Wrestling
United States Champion (1 time, first)
World Champion (1 time, longest reign)
Tag Team Champion (1 time)
Triple Crown (1 time, first)

Home of Professional Wrestling
Deathmatch Champion (1 time, last)
Legacy Champion (1 time, first)
Tag Team Champion (1 time)

Pure Class Championship Wrestling
World Champion (3 times, current, longest reign)

Lethal Zone Wrestling
United States Champion (4 times)
New Breed Tournament (2015)
Money In The Case (2015)

Project Shoot Wrestling
Iconic Breed Champion (1 time)
World Tag Team Champion (1 time)
Undisputed Champion (1 time, current)
Ultimate Warrior Memorial Battle Royal
Money In The Case (2015)

Galactic Warfare Wrestling
Tag Team Champion (1 time)

Northern Gate Wrestling Alliance
Adrenaline Champion (1 time, last)

Asylum Championship Wrestling
Tag Team Champion (1 time, first, current)

Grand Wrestling Federation
Television Champion (1 time)

E-Fed Wrestling Universe
Universal Champion (1 time, first, last)
Tag Team Champion (1 time, first, last)
I-C Champion (1 time, first, last)

Renegade Reflex Wrestling
World Champion (1 time, first, current)

Dark Rebellion Wrestling
Locked Terror Television Champion (1 time, first, last)
Tag Team Champion (1 time, current)
Undisputed Heavyweight Champion (1 time, last)
World Champion (1 time, last)
Elite Champion (1 time, first, current)
Triple Crown (1 time)
Grand Slam (1 time)

Elite Combat Zone
Tag Team Champion (1 time, first)

[Physical Description]
[Pic Rep] Low Ki/Senshi


[In-Ring Info]
Disposition: Face
Gimmick: Strong Style Otaku
Specialty Match: Last Man Standing/Street Fight
Weapon of Choice: Kendo Sticks

Giga Drill Break!!! (Gutwrench lifted and dropped into a Cutter)
The Blackout (Double Chickenwing Kneeling Wheelbarrow Driver)

Piercing The Heavens (Jumping Double Foot Stomp to a standing opponent)
Stroke of Midnight (Full Nelson Double Knee Backbreaker)

[Basic Moves]
- Backbreaker (All Variations. Think Roderick Strong)
- DDT (Mainly Snap, Tornado, Springboard, and Cradle)
- Stiff Strikes (Mainly Kicks and Elbows, a hybrid of Low Ki and Chris Hero)
- Elbow Strike Suicide Dive
- Running/Standing/Diving Senton
- High Angle Crossface (submission)
- Inverted Sharpshooter (submission)
- Figure Four Necklock (submission)
- Inverted Sharpshooter (submission)
- Snap Swinging Neckbreaker
- Rope Assisted Single Knee Facebreaker
- Fireman’s Carry Neckbreaker
- Jumping High Knee Strike
- Diving Double Knee Strike to a standing opponent
- Standing Moonsault Fallaway Slam (as a counter to a oncoming opponent)
- Half Nelson Driver
Enhancement Talent
Enhancement Talent

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