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Josh Collins

Post by The_Dark_Messiah on Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:52 pm

Ring Name: Josh Collins
Nickname(s): The 2nd Street Demon, The Dark Messiah, The Lone Reaper
Height: 6:4
Weight: 220 Pounds
Hometown: Norwich, Connecticut

Pic Base: Finn Balor
Segment Attire: Finn Balor

Theme Song: " Sweet Dreams " by Marilyn Manson
Entrance Description: The lights in the HOPW arena turn black, and Josh Collins crawls through a reddish fog onto the stage. He slowly rises from the fog, and then falls back down to his knees. Josh slowly crawls down the entrance ramp, and then once he reaches the bottom rises up to his feet. He slowly walks around the ring, keeping his eyes trained on his opponent, when he finally does a full circle around the ring, he slowly slides into it. Josh Collins slowly walks to the middle of the ring, and outstretches his arms signifying the ending of the ending of his entrance.

Disposition: Face
Gimmick: Josh Collins truly believes that he is a demon, and the best wrestler on the roster, period.
Weapon of Choice: Barbed Wire Bat
Specialty Match: Barbed Wire Massacre

Finisher: The Chaos Theory ( Canadian Destroyer), Aftershock ( Code Breaker )
Signature: The Sound of Silence ( Whisper In The Wind ), Sweet Nightmares ( GTS)
Basic Moveset:

1. Snap Suplex
2. DDT
3. Backstabber
4. Old School
5. Rolling Thunder
6. Neckbreaker
7. Russian Leg Sweep
8. Cudigra ( Top Turn Buckle )
9. Standing Moonsault
10. Tree Of Woe Dropkick (Turnbuckle)
11. Randy Orton Kick Combo ( On A Downed Opponent)
12. Springboard Stunner
13. Springboard Clothesline
14. Springboard Tornado DDT
15. Lionsault ( Downed Opponent)
16. Curb Stomp ( Downed Opponent)
17. Monkey Flip
18. Paylay Kick
19. Styles Clash
20. Zig Zag

Josh Collins List Of Accomplishments

1. HPW Universal Champion (( 6/28/15 – 8/3/15))
2. SFW World Heavyweight Champion (( 7/13/15-8/5/15))
3. TNEW World Heavyweight Champion (( 7/13/15-))

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